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About Jennifer Hubbard



I like to create artwork that is both traditional and contemporary. My photo shoots are informal affairs where I capture my subjects in a moment that is more like something you would see in a snapshot. Using such imagery in a large oil painting, where formality is expected, creates an updated form of portraiture more suited for the 21st Century. 


Capturing a likeness in paint is a challenge I love. Getting the realism of the subject just right can have amazing results more lifelike than any photo. However, I don't consider myself a "photorealist". I don't try to hide my brushstrokes and, in fact, some parts of the paintings end up quite abstracted. 




Commissioning a portrait or other kind of painting is easy- just message me! If you are in the Vermont area, we can set up a photo shoot that will take an hour or two. If not, I would be happy to collaborate with you online. 




Every project is different, but to give you a basic idea, I have a $300 minimum and then calculate my prices between $1/ and $2/sq in. depending on complexity (plain background vs. busy landscape). I also add 50% for each additional subject in a painting. 

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